Process & Automation

Automating processes and streamlining data

Process automation allows simple scheduling of processes that will be run by the batch server.
The updated calendar view of the scheduled work allows end users to view and take action on scheduled and completed work.

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The central administration page for all process automations is found in the System Administration module under the Setup menu. This page will list all automated processes (series) that are set up in the system. It will also allow you to add new process automations directly from this page. After a series is set up, you can manage each series from this list. You can choose to edit the entire series, delete it, view all occurrences in a list view, or disable the series if you would like to pause the scheduled work for a while.

Preparation & Planning

Each occurrence can be modified without impacting other occurrences defined by the series that originated them. Occurrences of scheduled work can be edited from the calendar view by selecting the View/Edit button and selecting Occurrence. This page allows you access to all the settings originally shown in the series setup wizard and provides the ability to make a one-off change for the selected occurrence. An occurrence of scheduled work can also be turned off by selecting the Disable button from the calendar view.

Developer documentation

The process automation framework allows developers to extend the process automation framework. The Process automation framework documentation provides information about how you can create custom processes that you require to be run by the batch server scheduled with the process automation wizard and appear in the calendar view automatically.

Calendar view

One of the key benefits of process automation is the ability to see the scheduled work in a simple calendar view. This view allows you to see work for a week at a time. You’ll see this view on the right side of the Process automation page. It will be populated with the scheduled work for the selected series.

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