We ensure quality standards are met consistently and rapidly deployment and onboarding

Why start from scratch when we can start from a proven set of industry best practices methodology on Microsoft Dynamics 365 project delivery. We Leverage time-saving tools, data, mappings, configurations and methodologies.

We ensure quality standards are met consistently and rapidly deployment and on boarding.We offer a complete range of Dynamics 365 development services that well-exploit the existing platform features.

We build solutions on top of the robust capabilities included with Dynamics 365 to address complex business functionality, get full access to the features and capabilities of the core platforms, and integrate these into the Dynamics 365 user experien

Step to Implementation

Testing & Training

The ideal training methodology varies by workforce. Factors such as how much time your employees can devote to training and where they’re located will guide you as to whether in-person training, e-learning, or a combination of both will work best.

Preparation & Planning

Assemble a team of first-line and management employees from every department to develop and execute your ERP project plan. A wide range of expertise on this team will give you crucial perspective into how system and process changes will affect day-to-day operations.  

Data Preparation

Define which of your existing data will need to be converted to the new system, and then analyze it to weed out useless or outdated information. If possible, locate source documents to verify data accuracy and completeness. A little housekeeping at this stage goes a long way because an ERP system is only as useful as its data.

Rollout and evaluation

Put together a go-live checklist for the days and weeks following implementation to make sure the following necessities are ready to go: System testing post-go-live. Schedule and budget for staff overtime or temporary staff. Communication protocols for system downtime. Network speed and reliability checks. Data backup processes.

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