LIS365 is an advanced integrated Laboratory Information System. It leverages as a modern platform with an experience as market-leading LIS. It has the tools to help maintain a productive laboratory despite staffing challenges and changing healthcare environments. LIS365 through its laboratory information management systems empowers labs of all sizes to enhance revenue and improve customer retentiveness. This is done by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflows, reducing turnaround times and ensuring patient safety.
LIS365 USA allows you to conveniently manage all of your lab data, resources and workflows. Not only this, it also lets you drive automation through connection of your instruments with systems via open standards. LIS365 lets you take control of your lab in a more authoritative way.

Billing Solution

Provide on-site support during the transition phase and throughout of duration of your service contract.


LIS365 provides simplifying access to the required info by consolidating laboratory data into a centralized hub

Development Integration

Design with HIPPA regulations a strict guiding principle to integrate with EMRs,EHRs, Analyzer, CRMs, and more to increase efficiency, minimize human error and protect transmitted patient information.

Inventory Management

The inventory functionlis365 allow end users to know where everything has been end for how long.The system manage stock supplies and regents as weel assigns automatic re-order alerts.

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