Power BI is a set of business intelligence and analytics tools that provide visual and valuable information to help you make an efficient business decision at the right time. With data sync, businesses can now manage and monitor everything from anywhere with a comprehensive Power BI dashboard.

Import Data from Any Source

Data is everywhere and spread across different platforms and software. Whether you want to import data from cloud services, Excel spreadsheets, databases, or any other data source, then is the solution Power BI for you. Power BI allows users to import any data from hundreds of data sources. As a Microsoft Power BI partner, GURU Group has all the resources you need to make your team stronger. Thanks to our expert Business Intelligence advisor, who will show you the way, your company will never go wrong again. Our consultants help you visualize your data also identify key target indicators that will drive your business growth. See some of our solutions in action for a better idea.

See Everything on a Single Dashboard

Get real-time insights into your customers and see everything from top customers, revenue, billed and unbilled hours per year on projects, monthly project trends, and a breakdown by project stage or project type. Thanks to a dedicated project administration module and the ability to integrate with OData, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 can manage all your financial information.


Program managers and project managers can get an overview of all projects from Power BI dashboards. Check projects from start to finish and complete them ahead of schedule. Get information to help executives and managers make the right decisions. With Power BI, you can dig deeper into your data to identify the root cause of project anomalies and immediately fix them to prevent your projects from crashing.

Monitor and improve the efficiency of internal project management processes. Stay connected and work closely with your finance team to keep your projects from going over budget. Make accurate, data-driven decisions by visually monitoring your data with Power BI. With Power BI’s extensive reporting capabilities, it’s a matter of clicks to generate reports and present them to your management. You are no longer dependent on your IT department to create reports. Just add them to your Microsoft Dynamics AX workspaces for contextual information that gives a clearer picture of your business’s progress.