Microsoft Dynamics AX is an intuitive, fast, and effective solution. It not only adds value at every level of your organization but also meets your current and future needs. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is one of the pioneers and has completely revolutionized the business software industry. It brought unique features, unparalleled pace, and empowered users by giving them complete control over everything. Despite so many features, Microsoft has managed to keep the user interface of the software simple has made it different. Simply put, Microsoft Dynamics has set an industry standard that others need.

Our Solution

Combined scalability and flexibility

Our solutions provide the flexibility and scalability that businesses seek to meet their current and future needs. Thanks to our unique architecture of layered solutions, you can customize one organizational level without disrupting the others. It minimizes the risk of modifications and updates while ensuring long-term stability and a low cost of ownership.

Intuitive interface

A comprehensive suite of Microsoft applications and tighter integration with Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008, R2, and Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0 ensure smoother operation. All this comes with the added benefit of knowing. If you’ve used a Microsoft app before, you’re in familiar territory. Using our solutions is no problem due to a user-friendly interface and minor learning curve.

Higher and faster return on IT investments

Gone are the waiting times of 5 to 10 years for a return on IT investment. Our solution provides you faster returns. A study by Nucleus Research Inc found that 75% of Microsoft Dynamics AX customers achieved a higher return on investment in less than two years. Thanks to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, many companies have been able to reduce personnel along with IT costs. That’s not all company’s overall productivity is increased because of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics, minimized lead times, and increased revenue.

Reliable quality assurance and support

Microsoft Dynamics AX combines all features, usability with quality assurance and Microsoft support. With Microsoft’s development and quality control team behind Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can rest assured that it will run flawlessly. Users can also take advantage of Microsoft’s technical support services in case of problems. It saves users the trouble of contacting different people and organizations for hurdles. Centralized support for all phases of the product lifecycle by the Microsoft support team can provide better stability and better performance management for service packs and major releases.