Real Estate Solutions and Software Services As competition intensifies, it is imperative to identify key differentiators and provide white glove services to potential buyers, sellers and investment clients. To stand out from the crowd, brokers need to embrace digital turmoil, enable advances in AI and predictive analytics, improve customer experience, and build brand loyalty. GuruGroup supports real estate professionals in implementing a digital-first approach focused on providing clients with a well-founded perspective and clear solutions while building better relationships. We promise automation and outstanding service to help increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Real Estate Solution & Framework

Use world-class technology to help transform your digital customer-centric business with an integrated platform that supports all phases of your real estate journey.

Run campaigns for owners, investors and potential buyers to attract new development prospects Sales: Use cloud CRM to manage transactions and manage your sales cycle Shorten, ensure prepaid compliance, and easily track agent performance

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Technology is advancing rapidly, so it’s important to work with partners who can help turn these advances into a competitive advantage. GuruGroup keeps you profitable by offering innovative solutions, deep expertise and clear strategies. Our knowledgeable consultants:

Define, design, and implement strategies that will help you grow your business and prove your future

Develop long-term and short-term strategies based on practical results and defined best practices.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

As competition in the market intensifies, it is important to use factual data to back up value propositions. GuruGroup helps you:

Leverages the latest AI and predictive analytics to provide homebuyers with personalized recommendations.

Informed, rapid, informed strategic and operational decisions to bring innovation to market faster.

Provides sellers with data on past sales and average days in the market to demonstrate the competitive advantage of the agent and win more transactions.

Outsourced System Administration

You know real estate GuruGroup knows one or two things about technology. It addresses all your technology needs and leverages our knowledgeable resources to:
Provides outsourcing support for your technology portfolio to help you focus on servicing your customers
Improve delivery quality and increase application availability through proactive maintenance
Development, execution, management completion, customer service And a reliable end-to-end solution that enables you to improve your experience

Let’s work together on speeding change

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