Digital Strategy & Consulting

GuruGroup Digital Transformation Consulting integrates technology and business strategy in an ever-changing world of manufacturers. Our innovative solutions, expertise and well-defined strategies increase transparency and efficiency at the same time. Our talented consultants:

Define, design, and implement strategies that help drive business growth and resolve supply chain deficiencies. Long-term and short-term strategies to improve asset utilization and reduce cost of goods sold by up to 20% To develop.

App Dev & Modernization

Avoid application errors and unexpected downtime that can impact your bottom line. GuruGroup experienced consultants can help you maximize your IT budget with bespoke applications and bring new life to older applications. Our resources help you to:

Work with you to develop a cloud migration program. Develop, maintain, and support applications that are customized and compatible with legacy systems. Take advantage of the best manual and automated testing tools to avoid outages and data breaches.

Enterprise & Mobility

Mobility is changing the way organizations do business, connecting field resources for increased productivity with pertinent information at their fingertips. GuruGroup helps organizations expand their reach through mobile technology by providing:

The GuruGroup Mobilize platform increases productivity, streamlines the operation of customer service teams, and focuses resources on customer service. A seamless mobile experience for iOS and Android that increases the productivity of fieldworkers. Mobile application hosting and support services for best performance and security compliance.

IoT & Analytics

Big data and connected devices provide additional opportunities and insights with the right information strategy in place. GuruGroup provides assistance with: Coordinate business and IT goals for a business-driven / technology-aware approach. Implement tools to cleanse and prepare data without user intervention to reveal hidden correlations and better insights. Enables employees in all business units to make better decisions based on access to real-time data.

Sharpening your IT machine for greatest yield

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