Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Government and Public Sector is powered by the Microsoft Cloud, enabling organizations to communicate effectively with citizens and stakeholders from any device at any time. This leads to faster service speeds without costly infrastructure investments.

It allows government agencies to manage their data effectively and make informed decisions. It includes features like data analysis, visualization, and reporting, which allow government agencies to quickly identify trends, monitor key performance indicators, and improve service delivery.

Run-Time Issue Resolving

Dynamics 365 also enables administrators to receive automatic, real-time alerts about issues or queries from citizens, allowing them to assign matters to the correct resource immediately. This results in faster resolution of issues and higher customer satisfaction levels.

More Proactive Communication

Dynamics 365 allows government departments to proactively communicate with citizens by making them aware of activities and solutions as they happen, such as temporary road blockers or water shortages.

Secure and Compliant Operations

Dynamics 365 is designed to be secure and compliant, with features like role-based workspaces and rigorous audit controls. It is backed by one of the world's most secure cloud platforms.

Guru Group specializes in Dynamics 365 for Public Sector, including:

Civil Service Organizations, Emergency Services, Justice & Public Safety, Local Government (State, County, City, etc), Public School Systems, Public Transportation & Infrastructure, Waste Management

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