With a long association in the financial industry, GuruGroup is familiar with these challenges and has developed a broad suite of financial services solutions to help streamline Digital Transformation efforts. Technology based solutions such as creating an appealing and efficient front end, automating processes, and Realtime reporting can revolutionize a business. Doing so allows organizations to focus on customers and growth rather than day to day operations.

Portals + Custom Development

GuruGroup has successfully developed many portals for the financial sector, including borrowing agents, customers, brokers and management portals, automated data entry from borrower documents to LOS, and some off-the-shelf automated processes for POS. increase.

Analytics & Dashboard

Some pre-built dashboards. Fully customizable. Easy integration with client system. Fully automatic with warning. Guarantees improved operational efficiency. Helps companies comply with regulations.

Business Process Outsourcing

You can outsource some backend processes to GuruGroup. Off-the-shelf digitization roadmap expertise in payoffs, paraphrases, billing, and many other back-end features. 24X7 Backend operational support.

Digital Roadmaps

Off-the-shelf digitization roadmap Program direction. Off-the-shelf product for faster results.

To assist you with modernizing your monetary administrations business

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