GuruGroup uses intelligent automation, improved global delivery capabilities, and specialized features to increase the agility of legacy applications and enable adoption of new technologies. Businesses can move at a comfortable pace, starting with initiatives that bring maximum value to the business while reducing risk and avoiding downtime.

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Before we dive in, we need to find the best way to move from legacy to chic and modern. Perform an application health assessment to fully understand the system and the current process. Create a bulletproof plan to ensure that important features are not overlooked and provide guidance on implementing best practices.

A place to start deciding on a course, including checkpoints on the way to modernization. Weigh each application and create a plan that has the greatest impact with minimal disruption to your business. Perform a detailed analysis of your application to see the structure of your code, including its dependencies.

Extract the business functions performed by your application code to improve processes for maximum efficiency. Develop implementation and testing strategies to minimize business disruption and mitigate risk. Tweak the process for modernization and transformation so that new systems and processes lead you into the distant future.

Finally, after focusing on careful planning and accurate co-execution, when the vision of modernization comes true, move your application to a more modern and more cost-effective environment. This allows for a smooth transition and minimizes disruption to business operations. Keep an eye on your application to make sure everything is running smoothly and measure performance in terms of server load and resource usage.

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