D365 F&O Azure Data Lake integration

In this post, we will review the integration between D365F&O and Azure data lake. We will see how to configure and enable the Data lake feature in F&O and how to activate the sync for tables from the UI. then we will see how the data is stored in Data Lake gen 2 storage and


Driving empathetic, associated service expertise with Dynamics 365
Driving empathetic service expertise with Dynamics 365

The continuous worldwide pandemic has forever transformed us—from how we connect, where we work, and how we work. If there is done significant takeaway, we’ve gained from the ceaselessly advancing macroeconomic environment, it’s that effective, dependable, and opportune assistance conveyance has gotten than any other time in recent memory. The refined, frequently complex hardware and

How dynamics 365 prevents security fraud combats worldwide
How Dynamics 365 Prevents Security Fraud Combats Worldwide

Online misrepresentation expanded essentially during the new pandemic and monetary slump, with misfortunes of an expected $12 billion worldwide.1 To guarantee consistent assurance, associations need current answers to shield from a scope of extortion—from installment extortion, bots, account takeover, and returns and limits misrepresentation. We are banding together with Worldline, the European forerunner in the