Intelligent Order Management

Today, consumers are demanding more products and services from retailers in a rapidly changing number of delivery modes.  At the same time, retailers are increasingly asking ‘how can we go faster’ as they work to improve their shopping guide. To meet the future needs of their businesses, retailers need to think about how to use interoperable ecosystems to enable seamless processes from sourcing resources to orchestration to smart execution and delivery. The industry has not overlooked this truth, and Gartner predicts that organizations adopting a composable approach will outperform the competition by 80% in the rate at which new initiatives are implemented by 2023.

In the context of these challenges, intelligent order management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives companies the flexibility to take orders from any source, automate multi-track orchestration activities, and flexible fulfillment and delivery – all in harmony with a growing ecosystem of industry-leading service suppliers.

Order source systems

Origin Order Systems are inlet valves that represent the origin of orders to be fulfilled. These resources may not only vary by the seller but also dynamically as purchasing trends change and new online markets emerge.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management provides the flexibility to quickly scale and incorporate new purchasing sources, whether they are business partners, wholesalers, distributors, or franchisees. This is what the Adobe Magento Intelligent Order Management partnership is all about. The built-in smart order management connector gives your customers the shopping options they want while fulfilling their orders from anywhere – online, in-store, on the go, or in a locker.

Another partner we would like to introduce is BigCommerce. With the integrated intelligent order management connector, all orders generated through the BigCommerce platform can be routed in real-time to a single order management platform. The connection provides a streamlined and efficient data flow that ensures a harmonious online shopping experience throughout the entire customer journey, from processing and management to product realization.

Resellers can act faster by leveraging this new and growing ecosystem of leading service providers. With these new tools driving the future of their retail supply chains, brand owners gain real-time visibility into every step of the order journey and real-time visibility into order fulfillment with customizable and integrated dashboards that help the supply chain team overcome constraints and increase operational efficiencies.

Fulfillment and delivery

Intelligent Order Management is also partnering with service providers like Körber (formerly Warehouse Advantage) to provide seamless end-to-end supply chain experiences for retailers around the world. Körber is a supply chain software provider that empowers organizations to scale their operations on a global level and keep their inventory moving.

Körber’s supply chain flagship warehouse management solution is known for its flexibility and ease of configuration to adapt to changing business needs. In a world that changes constantly, the dexterity to adjust business processes as necessary has become top of mind for retailers looking to compete in today’s ultra-competitive environment. With the pre-built connector for Intelligent Order Management, organizations can use the order information, optimize orchestration, and facilitate strategic sourcing and slotting to mitigate wasted movement and expedited fulfillment.

Intelligent order management and Körber together enable users to streamline order fulfillment, saving sellers time, maximizing productivity and increasing visibility from order to fulfillment.

Another partner brand and delivery that we are proud to highlight is Flex. With the pre-built connector for intelligent order management, organizations can quickly expand with a team of logistics experts to support their business on a day-to-day basis. Microsoft’s partnership with Flex also gives resellers access to the largest scalable network of warehouse and logistics service providers. This is the beauty and simplicity of Microsoft Power Platform with Intelligent Order Management. When you need it, just plug it in using our powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop order orchestration design interface.

Order orchestration actions

Vertex, Inc. has been a trusted Microsoft partner and supplier for over a decade. is a leading global provider of indirect tax software and solutions that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a pre-built connector for intelligent order management, customers have full access to Vertex tax solutions. Vertex’s innovative solution enables customers to take advantage of automated sales accounting, taxes, and VAT with full business process support.

“Working with the Microsoft team, we remain focused on our mission to deliver the most trusted tax technology that enables our joint global customers to trade, be respected, and grow with confidence,” said Nichole Prendergast, Vertex Inc. The integration of our tax solutions with intelligent order management is a natural extension of modern supply chain management, which requires optimization of tax strategies and efficiency as well as inventory management.”

What’s next?

As we’ve highlighted in the partnerships announced here, Intelligent Order Management helps companies act faster by quickly adapting successfully to complex environments. Enables merchants to get up and running quickly using a range of connectors for existing business applications, procurement resources, and fulfillment service providers. Our next steps are to introduce additional smart order fulfillment capabilities in the coming months, including more pre-built connectors, as we continue to develop our ecosystem of best-in-class application partners that increase the ability to quickly take advantage of new order management solutions.

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